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Special Dark

Joe's Home Java
This dark roast blend with a sweet and flavorful taste has hints of cocoa and spices, bringing out a brilliant roast that is perfect for those that like their coffee on the sweeter side of life. $9/1 lb., $43/5 lbs.

Bella Crema

Joe's Home Java
A very dark roast blend that packs a bold and flavorful taste. It guarantees a strong cup of coffee, with a very elite and spiced undertone. This blend is a regular coffee addict's dream. $9/1 lb., $43/5 lbs.


Joe's Home Java
A medium roast with a smooth and creamy taste. This blend features a slight hint of chocolate without being too indulgent; the perfect rich blend for any time of day. $9/1 lb., $43/5 lbs., $32 for a case of 42 single pot bags.

After Dinner Blend

Joe's Home Java
This blend of dark and medium roasts is one of the best coffees on the menu, featuring a sweet and smooth taste that makes this the perfect desert coffee, or any time you need a sweet pick-me-up. $10/1 lb., $47/5 lbs.

In the mood for Bourbon Pecan Torte coffee? Rain Forest Caramel Crunch coffee?
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Mocha Java

Joe's Home Java
A medium blend with a sweet and indulgent taste. This blend features pronounced tastes of bittersweet chocolate, as well as hints of fruit and honey. This blend is spicy and sweet, perfect for a dessert coffee or simply to make the day a little sweeter. $8.75/1 lb., $42.50/5 lbs.


Joe's Home Java
A dark roast blend with an earthy and fragrant taste. This blend features hints of herbs and fruits, making it slightly sweet and fresh; the perfect blend for waking up an early morning in the crisp air. $10/1 lb., $47/5 lbs.

From Mocha-Nut Dusted Shamrock coffee to St. Nick's Nutty Maple coffee,
Joe has flavors for every season (they make great gifts, too).
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French Roast

Joe's Home Java
This dark roast is a classic blend of smokiness and intensity. This coffee is perfect for any true coffee lover; the perfect blend to wake you up in the morning, with a simple combination of flavors to pack a powerful and enjoyable cup of coffee. $9/lb., $43/5 lbs.

Costa Rican Doka

Joe's Home Java
Medium roast blend which is uniquely sweet and savory. It has hints of nuts, chocolate, and light citrus flavor, making it a refreshing and unforgettable cup of coffee. It's the perfect blend for all day, but especially afternoons. $10/1 lb., $47/5 lbs.


Columbian Blend

Joe's Home Java
Medium-dark blend with a strong and refreshing taste. This blend is smooth and crisp, strong with a pleasant and sweet aftertaste; the perfect blend for brightening up any drowsy day. $9/1 lb., $43/5 lbs./$32 for a case of 42 single pot bags.

Guatemalan Blend

Joe's Home Java
Medium blend with a rich and pleasant taste. This blend has hints of cocoa, lemon, and soft spices; the perfect blend for a rich and classic taste that is perfect at any time of day. $9/1 lb., $43/5 lbs.


Classic Blend

Joe's Home Java
Medium-Dark blend with a classic and bold taste. This blend is a tried and true coffee, which can please even the pickiest of coffee-lovers and goes well at any time of day. $8.50/1 lb., $38/5 lbs., $30 for a case of 42 single pot bags.

Elite Blend

Joe's Home Java
Medium blend with a restaurant quality taste. This is a high quality blend with a bold taste that is full of flavor. Just like your favorite breakfast spot, only better. $8.50/1 lb., $38/5 lbs., $30 for a case of 42 single pot bags.


Casa Espresso

Joe's Home Java
Dark blend espresso, with a nutty and sweet taste to make it the best espresso around. This Italian based coffee has a creamy blend and a refreshing aftertaste, satisfying and pungent. $16/2 lb. bag

Lambada Espresso

Joe's Home Java
A medium blend espresso, which is the perfect rich shot of energy to liven up your day. This Brazilian based coffee has light herbal hints to give it just the right amount of refreshment, paired with a hint of cocoa to keep the rich taste. $18/2 lb. bag


K cups for Keurig machines
$8.99/18-pod case

  • Breakfest Blend
  • Doughnut Shop
  • Colombian
  • French Roast

Cappuccino Blends
$11.99/24-pod case

  • French Vanilla
  • Hot Chocolate

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